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Cloudwave [kloud-weyv]

1. { n }
World leading VR content creation developer, specializes in VR platform and its associated businesses.
2. {adj}
Just awesome!


As planners, designers, and developers, we provide not just creative content, services and technical expertise, but also guide our consumers and partners to discover new business opportunities on our VR platform.


By combining physical VR experience center with web/mobile platform, we help you increase public exposure and instantaneously update your consumers of your products. We also offer the tools necessary such as SDK and search optimization, combining with our expertise for global marketing, your business plans to take on the world through VR is no longer just an imagination.


VR as the new medium, we believe the keys to successful business today lie within the quality of its VR content and the proper management of this content. VR business is rapidly flourishing as different industries join together to make VR the incubator of a healthy business ecology.

VR Travel Platform

Imagine virtually experiencing every destination, and connecting with our local tour partners before actually being there!

"Wherever we want to go, we go. That's what a ship is, you know." - Jack Sparrow, Pirates